Student’s Federal Career Guide, 4th Edition

Student’s Federal Career Guide, 4th Edition

Ten Steps to a Federal Job® or Internship for Students and Recent Grads

Kathryn Troutman


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Ten Steps to a Federal Job® or Internship for Students & Recent Grads THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS RECRUITING NEW GRADUATES! There is a “CLIFF” of retirements starting, and there are many openings for new graduates. Students have great advantages when looking for a Federal job. Here are a few to consider: * The Pathways Internships offer a great way to begin a Federal career. * If you go to a career expo, it is possible that a human resources manager can hire you there directly. * You have the option to negotiate tuition reimbursement when you are hired into the Federal government. But here is a point that many graduates miss. The Federal government is a wonderful choice for launching a career in many fields because you will gain the background that is invaluable for moving around later in any employment sector: government, corporate, non-profit, small business, academia, etc. With the experience you gain from a Federal job, you will be highly qualified to move into your next career step! For example, if you are working in the following fields, here are some key agencies that would be an ideal launch for your career: ✭ Finance: SEC, FDIC, CFPB ✭ Public Health: CDC, HHS, SSA, NIH ✭ Science: DOE, DOI ✭ Information Technology: Any agency! ✭ Intel: FBI, DOD, State Department ✭ Space: NASA, US Space Command This is the ultimate NEW GRADUATE FEDERAL JOB SEARCH RESOURCE with a clear layout of steps to get hired for a Federal job. The book is updated with the latest Federal hiring information and contains real-life Federal resume samples, which are longer than private sector two-page resumes. See the brand new information in this edition, including how to negotiate your Federal job offer. Good luck beginning your government career! Ten Steps to a Federal Job® or Internship for Students & Recent Grads provides the blueprint: 1. STEP 1 Accomplishments 2. STEP 2 Federal Student Hiring 101 3. STEP 3 Search for Jobs 4. STEP 4 Vacancy Announcements and Keywords 5. STEP 5 Basic Federal Resume 6. STEP 6 Best Federal Resume Format 7. STEP 7 Apply on USAJOBS 8. STEP 8 Interview 9. STEP 9 Negotiate Your Job Offer 10. STEP 10 Become a Permanent Federal Employee